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Only members may advertise in the China Clipper.  Payment is due in advance, unless an account has been      established.  Payment is by U.S. a U.S bank check to “China Stamp Society,” sent to the Editor, or a wire transfer to the CSS bank account.  Advertising copy must be a high resolution (at least 300 dpi) PDF in the sizes specified above. It may sometimes not be possible to accommodate a half-page ad.  Advertising copy must be to the Editor forty (40) days prior to the issue. The China Clipper is published each January, March, May, July, September, and November.  In other word; copy must be received by November 20 for the January issue.


Email the Editor, with any questions.

The acceptance or publication of an advertisement does not constitute an endorsement by the Society of the material or service offered, or of the member.  The Society shall not be responsible for transactions resulting from advertisements.  Members not behaving responsibly in such transactions may be dropped from the Society.  Complaints should be sent to the President.