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LINKS TO SAMPLE EXHIBITS: (these are downloadable PDF documents)

Some are very large and take a long time to load.

China’s 1912 Definitives, by H. James Maxwell

The Non-denominated Domestic Air Letter Sheets of China:
A Philatelic Window on Hyperinflation, the Fall of China & the Taiwan Strait Crisis,
by Hugh Lawrence

Nationalist China’s Last Commemoratives, by H. James Maxwell

China’s U. S. Constitution Commemoratives: Through-the-Line Usages, by H. James Maxwell

First Time Exhibitors Story

Republic of China Express Stamps and Mail Slips: 1912-1929, by H. James Maxwell

The Late Civil War Forerunners and Provisional Issues of East China, by Hugh Lawrence (85 pages)

Chinese International Airmail 1931-1949, by Frank Walton (80 pages; takes about 30 seconds to load)

Dr. SYS 16c Central Trust Issue Overprints and Surcharges of 1942, by C. T. Choi  (128 pages; takes about 30 seconds)

Airmails From China to Europe in the 1930s, by Paul Davey  (16 pages)

Postal Rates During the Gold Yuan Era: The Chinese Hyperinflation of 1948-49, by Hugh Lawrence (160 pages)

The German Post Offices in China: 1886-1917 , by Jerry H. Miller

German Intervention in China, by Jerry H. Miller

Evolution of the German Post Office at Shanghai: 1888-1917 , by Jerry H. Miller

The Evolution of 'Via Siberia' Routed Mail: 1897-1945, by Jerry H. Miller

INFORMATION ON EXHIBITING: (downloadable PDF documents)

Could you become a stamp exhibitor? by John M. Hotchner

Judging Manual 2016

Getting Started in Philatelic Exhibiting, by John M. Hotchner

APS World Series of Philately - Exhibit Evaluation Form

The Synopsis Page, by Tim Bartshe

Visit the web site of the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors for much helpful information.

How To Build A Philatelic Exhibit

A Comparison of the Title Page and the Synopsis, by Tim Bartshe

Title and Synopsis Pages: Different Purposes – Different Content, by John M. Hotchner

How To Win (An International) Gold Medal in Postal History (FIP 63 pages)

Visit the APS web site for Help With Exhibiting

Visit the APS web site for Judging, Show Committee, Jury Accreditation Forms & Information

Visit the FIP (Fédération Internationale de Philatélie) web site for information on upcoming exhibitions, exhibiting, and FIP regulations

Visit the FIAP (Federation of Inter-Asian Philately) web site for information on upcoming exhibitions and FIAP regulations

Important articles from The philatelic Exhibitor magazine 1986-1996

Important articles from The Philatelic Exhibitor magazine 1997-2009

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