The China Stamp Society, Inc., began expertizing stamps in 1999. Non-members may submit items. CSS members and ASDA members receive a 10% reduction in the fees.

Two levels of evaluation are available: (1) a "Certificate," which attest to genuineness and whether or not the item has been altered or repaired; or (2) "Identification," which provides an email, or letter if desired, stating what an item purports to be, without reaching an opinion as to its genuineness. There is no fee for identification unless research is required in which case it is $5.

Neither the CSS nor any Committee member is in any way liable for consequences of the opinions rendered. Although the Committee will always use its best efforts to arrive at an opinion, there will be those instances in which the Committee is unable to arrive at a consensus and will be forced to decline to render an opinion. Under no circumstances will the Committee sign or in any way deface an item that has been submitted.


The time it takes depends upon the nature of the item(s) submitted.  Each item is examined by three people. This may entail it being sent to other countries.  Most of the fee goes for insurance and mailing costs.  Items are typically sent registered mail, which is very slow.  Expensive items (with higher fees) or groups of similar items can go by Priority Express mail, which is much faster.

Neither The China Stamp Society, Inc., its officers and directors, nor the members of the Expertization Committee are liable, either collectively or individually, for any loss or damage however caused. 

The CSS is not responsible for loss or damage to items submitted and only provides insurance for item after they have been received, while in the possession of the Committee, in transit between Committee members, or in transit back to the owner.  The coverage and amount of CSS insurance is governed by the policies in effect from time to time.  It is the owner’s responsibility to also insure items submitted.

Specimen Certificate

View or print the Submission Procedure

View or print the Submission Form

The Submission Proedure and Submission Form are downloadable PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open these files. Adobe Reader is a free download.

Email the Expertization Committee Chairman with any questions.

  1. Each stamp, pair, block or postal history item must be affixed to a separate form. Stamps in a set must be individually submitted on separate forms.
  2. The person submitting an item must be the owner or a representative of the owner.
  3. The proper fee must accompany each item submitted.
  4. Insurance against loss and risk of loss is the responsibility of the owner.
  5. Used stamps and stamps without gum must be thoroughly cleaned of all hinges or paper remnants.
  6. No opinions will be expressed as to the market value of an item.
  7. The decisions rendered by the Committee are only opinions and are not guarantees.
  8. Defects and alterations will be noted. No opinion as to centering or grading will be given.
  9. The CSS reserves the right to make such changes, with or without notice, to these rules and regulations, as it deems necessary. The request for an examination constitutes an acceptance of all rules and regulations.
  10. Since items are submitted to Committee members by mail, delays are sometimes experienced. No item will be accepted if the owner insists upon a deadline date for its return.
  11. Certificates remain the property of the CSS.
  12. Any person who attempts to influence a decision of the Committee may be expelled from the CSS. No one is to communicate with Committee members regarding an opinion expressed or to be expressed; all communication must be with the Committee Chairman.
  13. Fees shall be in accordance with the following schedule:

Declared Value *:

Certificate Fee:

$500 or less



$501 to $1,000



$1,001 and above



Maximum Fee



Covers (add to base fee)

+ $5

* The Declared Value is the greater of the catalogue value, a recent auction realization, or a bona fide estimate of the fair market value.

CSS Members and ASDA members receive a 10% reduction in the fees. There are no refunds of fees, unless the Committee is unable to reach an opinion, in which case a $27 postage fee will be deducted from the refund to help pay our postage between experts.




Identification can often be based upon a good quality scan emailed to the Expertization Committee Chairman. You should first email a scan in lieu of mailing an item for identification.

Email a scan to the Expertization Committee Chairman



You are encouraged to donate forgeries to the CSS reference collection. The CSS will provide you with a letter acknowledging the donation for tax purposes.




The Committee is always looking for persons to volunteer to serve as experts. Additional experts are presently needed for early Republic of China issues and Peoples Republic of China stamps and souvenir sheets.

Email the Expertization Committee Chairman



The Expertization Committee withdrew its opinion No. CSS-082 issued to Michael Rogers, Inc., on May 3, 2002. The committee has revised its opinion and now concludes that the small 4¢ Red Revenue, Scott No. 81, has an altered surcharge.