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Search Categories are listed on the first page of Stamp & Cover Sales (S&CS) or the Auction page. The Keyword Search allows you to look for a word or phrase that is of interest to you in all the Categories; such as a topic, place name, type of item, year, etc.  The Item ID feature searches for a specific item number in all the Categories.  When you are inside a category, you can use the Refine Your Search feature to search only within that Category.   Remember to check "Abbreviations and Catalogs Used." 

Making a Purchase


Add to Cart. When you decide to purchase an item click on the "Add to Cart" button.  If you are not 'logged in' you will be prompted at this time to login and only then will you be able to put the items in your shopping cart.  You can then continue shopping. The items will remain in your shopping cart for only about 20 minutes while you continue to browse other pages of the site. 

Shopping Cart. When you are finished shopping, click on "Check Out."  View the items in your shopping cart to make sure they are the ones you wish to purchase.

Check Out. The Check Out area is secure.  Click on "Check Out" and you will be directed to screens that requires the usual information - name, shipping address, etc.  Click the 'Yes' button to confirm that your billing address is the same as your shipping address. On orders less than $1,000 you need to decide if you want to buy insurance. At the bottom of each screen click on 'Continue' to go to the next screen.  To order the items, you must click 'Place My Order' at the bottom of the last page.

U.S members are asked to pay by check.  This enables us avoid PayPal and credit card fees.  International members can pay by PayPal (preferred) or credit card.  Items are normally shipped within a few days. 

Security of Your Information. We employs industry standard encryption to secure your payment information.  We do not store payment information


Postage. Orders are normally shipped via the US Postal Service.  Our software estimates the postage based upon the dollar amount of your order.  This works quite well with stamps and covers, but does not work very well with quantities of stamps or covers, collections, books, DVDs, etc.  We will invoiced for additional postage prior to shipment.  The weight of some items is included in the description. 

Insurance. Orders over $1,000 are insured against loss or damage. This insurance does not cover confiscation by a foreign government.  See "Customs and Import Duties" below.  Optional insurance is available on orders of less than $1,000.  Failure to purchase insurance waives any right to make a PayPal claim for non-delivery.

Guarantee, Returns, and Refund Policy. The CSS stands behind every item sold on this web site. We try to screen consignments, however, mistakes sometimes happen. If an item is not as described, you can return it. Stamp collections or other items with numerous stamps are not returnable.  If payment was by credit card or  PayPal, the refund will be by that method.  If by check, the refund will be by check.

Customs and Import Duties. When buying from this web site you are considered the importer and must comply with the laws of your country.  Customs forms for international shipments will show the value of the order and will be identified as Books, DVDs, "philatelic items," etc.  You are responsible for customs fees, import duties or other fees levied by your country.

Protecting Your Personal Information. We will NEVER email you requesting sensitive personal information such as passwords, bank account or credit card numbers, personal identification numbers (PINs), Social Security Numbers, etc.  If you receive such an email it is a scam. Only provide personal data when you are in our secure 'Check Out' process.

Privacy Policy. The China Stamp Society does not disclose member or customer information to anyone.

Customer Service.  For prompt assistance with your order, please email Stamp & Cover Sales

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