Contact me at
before you prepare items for sale.


Only CSS members can submit items.

Scans.   You should supply scans of the items you wish to have listed.  Email me if you do not have a scanner.  Scans must be JPEG images in RGB at 72-100 dpi (dots per inch) with flat black background margins on all sides and large enough in size to clearly show the item.  We recommend 100-150% for FDCs and postal history items, 150-200% for common stamps, and 250-300% for better stamps or stamps involving small details.  Larger covers or pages of stamps should be at 100-150%.  Do not send the images embedded in a Word document.  Word degrades the images.

Description.    Items must be individually packaged.  You must use our numbering system.  Our software has problems with alpha-numeric image numbers.  Email me in advance and I will assign you a group of numbers for your use (e.g. 48800-48830).  Images are to have the same number (no text).  Email me in Microsoft Word or Excel your item listings in three columns: item numbers, descriptions and any proposed prices.  Follow the description format we use on the site.  Before you start writing descriptions look at the ones I have written on our site.  If additional information would assist the buyer in understanding the item, it should be included in the description.  All cover descriptions start with the year, followed by the month and day (e.g. 1946 Mar. 23) and then the description of the cover.  We use three letter abbreviations for months with longer names.  Stamp listings start with the Scott number followed by other catalog numbers (CSS, Yang, etc.) if helpful.  The China Stamp Society Specialized Catalog of China To 1949 is cited as CSS.  Look at the site and see how we describe items and follow that same format.  We may modify the description.  Any faults, such as thins, creases, pulled perforations, etc., even if visible from the face, must be clearly described.  Standard condition criteria for stamps must be specified: G, F, F-VF, or VF.  You must specify the condition of the back side of stamps using: none, MNH, MLH, MH, NGAI, or Used.  Pertinent data must be provided: e.g. hinge remnants, disturbed gum, creases, IWOG, etc.  Buyers can search listings by looking for key words.  Be sure to write a detailed description using standard philatelic terms.  Study "Abbreviations and Catalogs used" on the web site.

Shipment to the CSS.  Items should be appropriately insured in transit to the CSS. The CSS is not responsible for items until they are received.  Items are insured while in the possession of the CSS. We recommend registered mail for valuable items.  Please package your items securely and send them to:

China Stamp Society, Inc.
c/o H. James Maxwell
PO BOX 481844
Kansas City, MO 64148-1844
U. S. A.

Terms of Sale.    There are no listing fees. The CSS reserves the right to refuse any item.  There is a 20% fee if a seller wants and item returned.  This is for the time and labor in preparing and listing the item.

Payment for items.  The CSS fee is 10% of the sales price. You will receive a statement every six months if some of your items have sold. You will be paid using PayPal "friends and family" feature (where you are not charged a fee) or sent a check drawn on a US bank.  PayPal is preferred.  Special arrangements must be made in advance for overseas sellers wanting another payment method.  Items remain your property until they are sold.