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Taiwan Postal Stationery Compendium of Information DVD (See Description)


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The primary listing is the Taiwan Postal Stationery book, by Donald R. Alexander (1993) and the Taiwan Postal Stationery Price List 1993.
Included is a guide to Abbreviations, Surcharges and Slogans used in the book and a Slogan Card consisting of a pair of pages you can print to assist in sorting items.
Also, included is the Taiwan Postal Stationery Update (1994) which expands and supplements the book.
There is a China Clipper Cross Reference Guide providing you a convenient way to find additional information about the various items of stationery that appeared in the China Clipper magazine. The references are to the Volume number and page.
Also, Kessler’s China Listings provides additional information on aerograms (air letter sheets).