Looking for: Motorcycle stamp sets

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Looking for: Motorcycle stamp sets

Post by parker54 » Sat Oct 31, 2015 9:54 am

I apologize up front. All I have to work with is Scott numbers at this point. If anyone can provide me additional information, including images of the following it would be greatly appreciated. I am indeed looking for these sets, complete and preferably in unused MNH condition. If anyone has any of the below listed sets, please contact me with price point and your means of payment. (I personally prefer paypal.)

Scott numbers:

China Taiwan Sc# 1150 (Rouletted)(o/p in Maroon)
China Taiwan Sc# 1150a (Perf 12 1/2)(o/p in Maroon)
China Taiwan Sc# 1987
China Taiwan Sc# 2524a S/S
China Taiwan Sc# E12
China Taiwan Sc# E12a (Rouletted)
China Taiwan Sc# E1 (o/p in black)

China PR Sc# E1 (Fukien Province)
China PR Sc# 4L33 (Shensi Province)
China PR Sc# 4L47 (Kansu Province)
China PR Sc# 7L11 (South China)
China PR Sc# 8L53 (Southwest China)

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