Commemorative Stamp for Jia Yi Released

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Commemorative Stamp for Jia Yi Released

Post by flora79 » Tue Sep 17, 2013 2:03 am

As the load of history and culture, stamps are favored by collectors. The national first release of the commemorative stamp of Chinese ancient thinker Jia Yi was held in Yuefang Square, Tianxin District, Changshi City.
Jia Yi, the famous thinker and litterateur of Western Han Dynasty of China, was once the tutor of the Changsha Prince and deeply respected by the people.
According to Li Xiong, General Manager of Post Office of Hunan Province, the face value of the stamp was RMB1.2 Yuan, with size of 30*50 mm, perforation degree of 131/2, issue period of 6 months, which is printed by Beijing Stamp Printing Plant.
The stamp includes the block of three:Chinese Ancient Litterateurs (3). Detail introduction about the attainments of the four litterateurs was provided in the stamp folder, which mainly introduce the Chinese ancient literature schools and classic cultures, with traditional painting as the major expression way. The stamp features the elegant style of Chinese culture. In addition, other tens of kinds of stamps are also on sale at the scene.
Commemorative stamps are offered at the scene to meet collectors’ demand, making the commemorative envelope for the first release deserve collection.

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