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Post by Vilyehm » Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:29 pm

Well, I'm finally on the forum, with the very patient help of Robert Jia.

I posted a picture of the CHANGSMA for CHANGSHA error.

The homepage has a small picture box that shows the last six posts. CHANGSMA is right up there for everyone who starts with this page.

Now it seems that most CSS members started collecting before the advent (advantage) of the internet. I think most members who use the CSS forum check it about once a week. It has been less than 10 minutes and I'm already in the 2nd position. There wave been 33 post so far today in the 26 divisions.

I posted to 华邮网» 民国邮票 » 民国邮戳 » 长沙戳错误英语惯
China Post Network » Republican stamp » Republican postmark »Changsha stamp error English inertia
Apparently "wrong letter used" translated into "inertia"

After the laughter, I'm sure to get help in selecting the correct words to use.
Junk = sailing boat Cancel = poke Town = jab


1. Internet Explorer did not work to create the account. I had to use Google Chrome. The test questions never appeared on the Internet Explorer pages.

2. Perhaps a fault of Google, once I use the translate function, I cannot post in both English and Chinese characters.

3. Picture size is limited to 110K, but is then blown up to fill the space. Detailed enough for the cancels

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