Our Society has the worlds largest bi-lingual Chinese philatelic reference library.  It is the repository of over 18,000 publications, both donated and purchased in years past. The library continues its program of purchases and, of course, donations are very much appreciated.

In her last will, Marjorie Ireland, the widow of Philip W. Ireland, created the ‘Philip W. Ireland Library Fund’ with an initial contribution of $10,000. The fund is to be used to purchase books for the library.  Books so purchased indicate on the flyleaf that they were purchased with monies from the fund.

Most publication are available for loan to members for reimbursement of outbound and return postage. A photocopy of a specific article can be sent to a member. The Librarian can provide limited topical research.

View or print the Library List of Books and Stamp Catalogs

View or print the Library List of Periodicals


View or print the Library List of Auction Catalogs and Prices Realized

When using Adobe Reader to view a Library List you can search for a particular author or publication by typing 'Control [Ctrl]' and 'F' and a 'Find' box will appear at the lower left (or upper right) of your screen. Type a word or phrase in the 'Find' box and it will search it out for you. If using Adobe Acrobat simply type a word or phrase in the "Find" box at the center of your Adobe Acrobat task bar, use the drop down menu, and click Enter.

The Library Lists are in a downloadable PDF document. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to open these files. Adobe Reader is a free download.

Rules for Use of the Library


  • Members wishing to borrow from the library should contact the Librarian by letter or email.
  • Each request should be explicit, citing author, title and date or edition, as indicated in the Library Catalog. Each request is limited to no more than five items.
  • Items may be kept for four weeks.
  • Borrowers are responsible for items borrowed and must replace any lost item.
  • Certain books, marked '#' in the Library Catalog because of their rarity, do not circulate.
  • Members may request photocopies of items from the Stoloff Collection as well as other articles of reasonable length. With respect to the Stoloff Collection, the Librarian will, upon request, send out a photocopy of the Descriptive List for the desired Subject/Topic Section, and the member can then request copies of specific items.
  • Borrowing books from the Library is limited to members residing in the United States. All members may request photocopies of items from the Stoloff Collection and other articles.
  • There is a $2 charge for each request, whether for books or other publications or for photocopies.  The charge for modest numbers of photocopies is 25¢ per page.  Larger photocopy jobs may be undertaken at the discretion of the librarian at a charge to be negotiated. In addition, borrowers are responsible for payment of postage and insurance costs both ways.  Returns should be sent, and should be insured, as advised by the librarian.
  • All Library charges, together with postage and insurance costs for the outbound shipment, should be remitted to the Librarian together with the return of the books or upon receipt of photocopies, as applicable.  Remittance may be by check in US Dollars payable to Hugh Lawrence, cash in US Dollars or mint US postage.  Paypal is available for members not residing in the United States.

Email Hugh Lawrence, Librarian, with any questions or requests.

Hugh Lawrence
P.O. Box 231277
Encinitas, CA 92023